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Taking proper care of your tattoo before and after receiving it is extremely important in what the end result will be. Below you will find instructions on how to take care of your tattoo and permanent make-up. This is the aftercare our artists at Black Opal recommend, but it is always important to listen to your artist and ask them first if you have any questions about the care instructions and healing process. 


-Show up 10-15 early to fill out paperwork

-We love kids but they are not allowed in the shop

-Tips are always apreciated

-Our payment methods are, cash (preferred) , venmo, paypal, Apple pay and Square.



/ / / T A T T O O  P R E - C A R E / / / 

/ / / T A T T O O   A F T E R C A R E / / / 

-The aftercare of your tattoo will greatly determine the way it will look when fully healed

-Wear your bandage for 2 hours then wash it with fragrance free, antibacterial soap

-Gently pat down with a paper towel, do not rub back and forth

-Wash your tattoo morning and night and anytime it becomes dirty or sweaty

-After 24 hours apply a THIN layer or fragrance free lotion after you wash and dry

-Do not pick scabs! This will cause bleeding and will pull ink out of your tattoo

-Do not submerge your tattoo in water for at least 2 weeks, this includes, hot tubs, pools, lakes, rivers and bathtubs

-Avoid sun exposure to the area for 3 weeks

-Wear loose and clean clothing to avoid any rubbing or pulling on the area

-When the tattoo is FULLY HEALED it is recommended that you wear sunscreen when out in the sun, this will keep your tattoo looking good long term. DO NOT put sunscreen on a healing tattoo!

/ / / S A N I D E R M   A F T E R C A R E / / /

-Keep bandage on for 3-5 days The full five days being ideal.

-In the first 24 hours, there may be a build up of plasma under the bandage, this is normal.

-Do not reapply any more bandages and take off the wrap if it has peeled up enough to expose the tattoo.

-If you find yourself bandage-less during these first 5 days please use normal tattoo aftercare procedures on the reverse of this sheet.

-After the 5 days take the bandage off carefully and wash with antibacterial soap -If there is adhesive residue leftover on the skin, or the adhesive is not loosening enough with water, coconut oil and baby oil are helpful for removal. -Start applying a light unscented lotion with clean hands as needed 




- Make sure to eat a full meal before arriving

- Drink plenty of water

- Avoid drinking alcohol the night before 

- Avoid any medications that will thin your blood

- Make sure to bring your ID with you to your appointment

If you have any questions or concerns please call Black Opal at 541-480-3322 or come into the studio

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