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    Tooth gem pre and after care:

  • Please brush and floss prior to appointment.

  • Make sure to eat and drink prior to installation. Consumption of water and food is prohibited 2 hours after installation.

  • No brushing teeth 24 hrs after installation.

  • For the first 24 hrs it is recommended to eat softer food and avoid chewing on the side the gem was just installed, as the adhesive is still curing.  

  • NOT following these steps may result in loss of gem.

  What are tooth gems?:

Tooth gems are exactly what they sound like: tiny jewels, usually just a few millimeters in size, applied to the tooth with an adhesive. There's no drilling involved so the gem can be removed by a dentist at any time. Tooth gems are temporary and last anywhere from 6-24 months depending on care and oral hygiene.  Contact Nutasta at Black Opal for any questions you may have!

Black Opal Tattoo is Bend's First Tooth Gem tech. Offering experience, quality, and Central Oregon's largest selection of the finest Authentic Swarovski Crystals.

We also offer a wide variety of 18kt-24kt white, yellow, rose gold pieces. Custom designs are available for pre order.  All of our pieces are 100% genuine pieces making them the longest lasting on the market! ALL gold pieces come with a FREE Swarovski crystal.


Safe - Pain free - Non damaging - Lead free - Swarovski crystals


Walk-ins accepted tuesdays-saturdays or by appointment!

We accept tooth gem clients under the age of 18 as long as legal parent or guardian is present during the installation.

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Contact Nutasha at:    -    541-350-3083

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